Virtual Horseracing Game

Horseracing has often been referred to as the "Sport of Kings". This site is devoted to providing the excitement of competing in a realistic, virtual, affordable environment where participants can breed, train and race their very own horses.

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Binding Terms and Conditions

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Entire Agreement

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To open an account and/or participate at you must:
a) be a natural person assigned to the e-mail address submitted on your account and be at least 18 years old;
b) be legally qualified to participate from the physically located place of residence and participation. (For a U.S. Citizen or resident alien with a U.S. address this means being physically located within the U.S and physically located within a state in which participation is not prohibited.)

The rules governing skill-based contests with entry fees and/or prizes are set up by each individual state and not by the federal government. Based on the 50 sets of laws, withdrawals in excess of deposits and other promotional prizes are not available to residents of: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington.

Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Persons Not Eligible employees or any other person with knowledge of the inner-workings or algorithms used on the site are not eligible to participate in the game.

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Monitoring reserves the right to monitor the location of anyone registering and/or participating at and to block access from any jurisdiction in which participation is deemed by to be illegal or restricted.

Participant Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to all rules and conditions outlined in the game and to not engage in activities not in the best interests of the game. reserves the right to cancel a participants account at any time for anything not deemed to be in the best interest of the game by Cancellation may result in loss of credits, horses, or anything else of value in the game.


All fees associated with this game are solely for entertainment value.

Value of Assets

Assets within the game (Horses, Farm leases, etc.) shall be deemed to have value only within the confines of the game and shall not nor will not have any value outside the context of the game.

Transfer of Ownership

Neither horses nor anything else of value, including user accounts may be transferred outside the mechanisms provided within the game for allowed transfers. Methods are provided within the game for transfer of horse ownership and shall be the sole form of such transfers. No third party payments are allowed. Circumvention of these stipulations can result in forfeiture assets within the game and/or cancellation of the user's account at the sole discretion of

Forums and Other Participant Text

Profanity, derogatory or inappropriate language, wagering information (such as odds or part of a transaction), or any other language not in the best interest of the game is strictly prohibited anywhere on the site and can lead to cancellation of a participant's account including loss of all credits, horses, or anything of value at

Views, Opinions, and Postings of Participants

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Discontinuation of Service reserves the right to discontinue the service at any time at their sole discretion. shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to any user or third party stemming from any aforementioned discontinuation.


Following first payment a user will have 14 days from the date of their first payment to elect a full refund of any monies so deposited. Their account will then be closed. Following that first 14 day period a user will only be entitled to refund of the balance of their cash account within the game.