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Horseracing has often been referred to as the "Sport of Kings". This site is devoted to providing the excitement of competing in a realistic, virtual, affordable environment where participants can breed, train and race their very own horses.

Today's Top Races:

APMaiden Claiming1 1/16m(T)$61.25
TAMMaiden Claiming1m$41.25
GGMaiden Claiming1 1/8m$32.50
GGMaiden Claiming6.5f(T)$23.75
MNRMaiden Claiming6.5f(T)$15.50
MNRMaiden Claiming7f$15.50
RILMaiden Claiming1m$0.00

Year's Top Earners:

Horse NameEarnings
7Fat Max$224.75

Game Time: 19:47 (Central Time Zone)


15Apr2019: Crown and Oaks Qualifying
With the qualifying races for the EP Derby and EP Oaks in the books we can look forward to some exciting races. The EP Derby has 12 qualified to go to the gate on the 4th of May as does the EP Oaks on May 3rd. Over the next couple of weeks we will see who gets nominated for these prestigious Grade I races.

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Technical Considerations:
This simulation game is best experienced from a desktop or tablet computer. If you play on a mobile device, installation and use of the "Puffin" browser is strongly encouraged.

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